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Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Work to do...
My journey to the Uni yesterday was as succesfull as it could be,
in a few weeks I will get a phone call, then a confirmation a few weeks later
and its off to uni I go!

Anyways, I got work soon, but for any of the Iraqi bloggers out there, if you read this I need help.
I'm going to use this site to show my friends who are less politically educated/motivated than me,
too make it easier for them to get sum-up's of situations (with links to more info etc, from your' blogs and the dreaded media....)

So could you email me any information you can give me regarding Falloojeh ? some of its prewar interesting past would be nice to, I don't just want to tell people how screwed it is, but how lovely it could be... Works better that way.

Anyway I have to run, got work at 6AM; will post again soon!