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Sunday, April 24, 2005
Bloody Americans

Below is a quote i ripped directly from Al-Jazeera online, its golden!

UN Security Council Resolution 1559 calls for an end to foreign military presence in Lebanon and the disarming of all militias.

The US wants Syria out of Lebanon before Lebanese elections, and stresses that there is no point in holding national elections with foreign troops still in the country.

Mustafa Bakri, editor of Al-Osbou weekly magazine, says he wants to know why the same did not apply for Iraq.

"Why were there 140,000 US soldiers in addition to thousands of other foreign troops in Iraq when the elections were held?" he asked in an interview with Aljazeera.net.


Well, I guess, the difference is that America has free and open elections, where any one can vote! (unless they are hispanic, black, have a similar name to a black man, aren't republican, live in ohio or florida or might be out of the country). Where as Syria, well we all know they are a bunch of 'towelhead muzzies' with no education and only guns to support their party, not hard-hitting ultra-intelligent people like Bush and Cheney!

and before you say it in an email - NO IM NOT A RACIST - you just have yet to notice the sarcasm :)

What else is different between Syria and America?
(now im no Syrian, infact I've only left Western Australia once, to go to Indonesia, so I'm not really that travelled at all)

BUT, I have got the internet, and I have learnt a few things lately.

1) Protestors, in Lebanon compared to Iraq.

Lebanon -> hundreds of thousands of people, signs, boards and emotions pouring through the streets safe in their natural surroundings.

Iraq -> Hundreds of thousands of tiny electronical sensors remotely searching each individual protestor for signs of bombs, guns (incase they want to protect themselves from carjackers), and not to mention the tanks and helicopters hovering around to keep things 'safe' for the protestors.

Sounds nice a safe to me! Who could be scared when the Americans are watching? The British?

Who WOULDN'T tell the American exactly what they think??? I mean, with such open a trustworthy soldiers bringing lollies and peices of saddams broken statue to the iraqi children, You'd think the soldiers would be down their with their guns on the floor hugging the protestors as they scream US OUT, IRAQ FOR IRAQI's, FUCK SCIRI, NO TO ISLAMIC REVOLUTION!

or maybe they are there to 'protect' the protestors from evil like al-Zarqawi and Bush-Laden - err. Bin-Laden.

etc etc etc.

enough rambling for now,


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