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Sunday, April 24, 2005
First Blog
Well here it begins,
my first attempt at blogging, and hopefully an ongoing-never-ending first time it will be!

Iraq,Politics,Emotions,People,Politics,Beliefs and beyond are what you'll see here.
I'm a writer, I write poetry, I write opinions and I love doing it,
im 18, live in Perth, Western Australia and live a very privelaged life style.

Here there are no bombs, no army patrols, plenty of hot water for the shower, and fresh oranges all year round. We have new cars, (which im buying another of soon) and petrol costs $1.05 a litre today.

Geeze' I can't believe the people in my country,
whingers the majority of them.

No consideration for the people who have no effect on their own little circles, and only little consideration for most of their own circles. The youth and my friends alike are changing this though, be assured that we care and we are doing what we can to change the world, to take some of what we have, away from ourselves and to the people who actually appreciate it.

I don't know where this blog will lead, and I hope for nothing more than to actually post to it weekly, because I'm the lazy kind who forgets to do these things, and then eventually just gives up! PLEASE DON't let me!

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