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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Busy Busy Me!
Hey everyone,

Sorry to my favourite regulars, I haven't blogged much lately,
I am currently dedicating overboard amounts of time and energy into re-invigorating Youth and Students Against War .

The link above is to the blog just created after the recent activities based around our e-group.

We are having a meeting which is planned for the 26th of June, a sunday at 3:30pm in a nice park near the beach (The Fremantle Esplenade), it is really getting me excited lately too, because I've had so much positive response and support from just the people I was looking for it from....

My mum and her friend Lilith said they would come and bring an enthusiastic friend that they know.

The leader of Green Corp WA and a couple of members of his team are coming, and bringing two friends.

My Activist allies Ray Grenfell and Paul Cartwright are also coming.

My Boss from work and his wife INTEND to come (but they are a very very busy couple).

Another 30-something year old guy from work (Mike), is coming and bringing his two friends who are very interested.

A couple (or maybe even three or four) teachers from the High School I graduated from (sevenoaks senior college) should be coming, and bringing some students along.

My girlfriend Georgia, and our best friend Hannah is coming, hopefully bringing her brother Dan and his friend Cam.

Hannah's parents (Mr & Mrs Mackley) will hopefully get down aswell, Mrs Mackley works for ABC radio and might give the meeting a little run-down on the radio afterwards.

My close friend and fellow moderate activist Ami is coming and hopefully bringing Jonno our other moderate anti-war friend,

I hope my Dad's anti-war girlfriend Meg will come down, and maybe even my conservative father himself. (who was, at first, pro-invasion but isn't anymore)

Peter Allan, an intelligent, moderate university lecturer stated his interest and intention to come if he is not pre-booked for that day.

there are others I also hope will come down, (Mal, Jason[aka btebski]) and more but I haven't included these people in my official count up of 22 people so-far confirmed their intention to attend.

And the meeting is still 25days away!!!!!

Anyway, I hope you all found that interesting because I certainly enjoyed organising and writing about all of it.

I'm out of here until tommorow, when I will post again

Anonymous ami said...
My close friend and fellow moderate activist Ami is coming and hopefully bringing Jonno our other moderate anti-war friend

Olivebranch love don't go around labelling people! When will you learn. If you label me than maybe ill label you and your whole bloody existence and decide i wont be labelled in that way.

dont label me. i wont come. i mean that.

i expect better love!!!! *grumpy*

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