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Sunday, June 19, 2005
After June 26- [my next move]
My next move I hope to push towards is looking at getting the anti-war movement participating in the United Nations. When this is allowed to happen, much leeway for change can occur, larger resources will be made available to the UN through underground connections, and the anti-war movement will become and official world-player. This can only be a good thing.


- I wrote this earlier today, it is unedited so sorry if it makes no sense

How To Help/Fix the United Nations.

In order to keep civil unrest legal, and in order to have a mediatory agency between proud nation leaders,the United Nations must be preserved. We are about to face a problem that has been undermining the UN for years now, American superiority had controlled the UN with its Veto right, and now the weight of a Veto vote is no longer a usefull tool.

Tit-for-Tat Veto's through out the Cold war, and the US blatant pro-Israeli stance has caused weekness to become a word often related with the United Nations. Now it comes time to rebuild the UN, to re-energize it and fill it with Non-Governement Organisations, to participate equally with the 'official' agencies around the world.

Step 2 is the deployment of many more UN troops around the world, to places of poverty without war, without notice or approval by the governing power of these countries. In many countries, the UN could help more than it is in other countries,
they should come not as peace-keepers but as peace-builders.

The UN has no strong leader, it has no gallant hero's face or ideal attached to it. When people think the United Nations they think help, or they think hate. They don't think schools, medicines and water. They should.

If the United Nations is to become any weaker and fall apart, then we will face a problem much like World War Two, where the League of Nations failed to act against a pushy tyrants, and where then bypassed totally and the invasions began. The United
Nations should NOT BE USED to 'justify' an invasion. Pre-Emptive strikes should NOT BE LEGAL.

Now the question I want to put out to intellectuals, is how do we fix the United Nations? How can people like me, a well-educated 18 year old, soon to go to University, become part of the United Nations? It' is people like ME and YOU that
they NEED. If we are to have a world-wide-mediator then it should have popular membership and support WORLD-WIDE.

I should feel comfortable that if the USofA decided that Western Australia was not working towards its best interest, say, not selling them our Uranium, Gold, Bauxite, Iron Ore or Gas, and they decided to put political pressure on and threaten us,
that the UN should be able to respond sufficiently, putting pains and pressure of equal proportion on the US gov't.

Unfortunately, it can not right now. Unity is not strong enough in the UN. Only the anti-war movement matches the strength required to do this, but it is lacking the 'credibility' amongst its opposition to even manage an equal two-way dialogue.

I am no expert on the United Nations, these are just points of view established from noticing the lack-of-response by the UN to many many many things globally, and when the response does come, its not usually from the say, Iraqi, Palestinian, Zimbabwean, Rwandan, Mexican, Venezuelan UN divisions, its from countries free of such conflict.

The United Nations should have strong enough support in each country,be it Iraq, Palestine, Zimbabwe, the USA, Australia, wherever challenges arise the UN should be able to independantly of other countries support respond from within the challanged

If UN membership was 1/3 of global population, not 1/3 of the leaders of the global population (who are mostly corrupt anyway), then their potential towards positive change in world-relations and humanitarian issues would be so much higher.
Why can I not just call up the UN and say "I want to help" and be on board, helping people with the UN's local mission, or get free, instant training in health/building/engineering and communications and be flown away to help?

Surely a organisation built with the vision of what the UN is supposed to be would do this to anyone wishing to help, because there is enough trouble to employ more workers than we could provide.... Am I wrong to think this?
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