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Friday, July 08, 2005
Another Iraqi Story
It is sad when we see so much suffering and can do so little,

I try to help by repeating words, by arguing and sending and praying and speaking..... But when will I get my chance to make a direct difference? when can I shine?

Oh, I just realised I have yet to post that I was accepted into University for next semester (beginning in the first week of August I believe)..... I will be studying Journalism.

Life is leading me towards making changes, I want to inspire university activism... I know I can help. I will help......

But for now please continue to read my blog as a way of ensuring information and stories are never silenced I will copy them here....

More of my own opinion later, I haven't the energy or inspiration to write lately for some reason... It is not good(but still great fun) but Uni will change that (the writing).

The below article is about more american inflamatory behaviour and Mass-Punishment tactics

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Saturday, June 25, 2005
News from the city of Buhrez

A story from the city of Buhrez as I read it:

"Near the city of Buhrez, 5 kilometers south of Baquba, two Humvess of American soldiers were destroyed recently. American and Iraqi soldiers came to the city afterwards and cut all the phones, cut the water, cut medicine from arriving in the city and told them that until the people of the city bring the “terrorists” to them, the embargo will continue.”

The embargo has been in place now for one week now,

“The Americans still won’t anyone or any medicines and supplies into Buhrez, nor will they allow any people in or out. Even the Al-Sadr followers who organized some help for the people in the city (water, food, medicine) are not being allowed into the city. Even journalists cannot enter to publish the news, and the situation there is so bad. The Americans keep asking for the people in the city to bring them the persons who were in charge of destroying the two Humvees on the other side of the city, but of course the people in the city don’t know who carried out the attack.”

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