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Thursday, July 07, 2005
5:30pm, 9:30am, London Attacked .
This is a sad day in history, and hopefully a day the stupid FUCKING G8 LEADERS WILL LEARN FROM. Some asshole has gone and attacked the London Public Transport system, unjustified attacks against civilian targets.

If you want to attack the G8, Go to Scotland and attack the G8. I understand how important the date to do this on is, today, and the idea they are trying to achieve. But that just does not excuse destroying public transport and killing civilians.

By now if it was in the USA, we would have the media buzzing with terrorist alerts, why haven't we? Where are the media?

I hope the G8 learn something from this, I hope change comes now, before it is far far to late for them.

1 Bus, the Trainlines, and a Supermarket so far

[olivebranch out for now]

-- ps, note that I post about this b4 australian media broke with it
Blogger mark said...
Out of curiousity, what " lesson" should the G8 draw from this attack ?

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