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Thursday, July 07, 2005
Calmer, Angry, Fearful and full of prayer
So now we have come to a cross-road. If the G8 do not listen this time, then the G8 is too late. The bombs going off around london, so far 3 buses and 2 trainstations hit, they are directed at the G8 members meeting right now.

Stop Iraq, Stop Afghanistan, Help Africa, Help Latin America.

It will probably be blamed on al-Qaeda, if not who else?

They can't blame anarchists, as it is against civilians(even though, it could be against suits), they cant blame the Zapata, or Jemaah Islamiyah..... If they claim it is Al-Qaeda, this then proves that the US invading Afghanistan and Iraq was just the cause of attacks against the EU (or the UK, whichever way you perceive it).

I am conserned for the civilians, and for the far reaching effects this could have. Yet somehow I am strangely excited about the very limited positive that could come from this.

I do not believe in ANY OUTWARD violence for ANY "greater good". Do not take me as supporting these acts. I will repeat in many different ways "I CONDEMN THESE ATTACKS", "THESE ATTACKS ARE NOT JUSTIFIED", "I AM NOT INVOLVED WITH THIS", "I WILL NEVER AGREE TO OUTWARD VIOLENCE".


So now I will move on to the point. The G8 summit is the most powerful 8 nations in the world, their ability to do good for countries not so fortunate to them is amazingly high, yet they refraine from it. The ability for these impoverished nations to harm these rich nations is much higher than most would believe, yet they hold back in hope. Sometimes they get sick of it, and extremists do silly things like this, but the world does wake up.

I don't feel anti-terrorism fear right now. I feel anger at the government for being involved in Iraq. I feel that if it happens here it IS NOT MY FAULT. If it happened in london, it is NOT THE POMS FAULT, its the POLLIES FCKING FAULT.

I don't like to swear, but some times it is called for. This is one of those fucking times.

I pray to all the gods worshipped by those in suffering around the world that no more suffering is caused today, that good does come from these terrible events and that victims of opression world-wide, or the bystanders like myself watching will stand up and be counted to prevent this happening again.



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