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Thursday, July 21, 2005
(Khalid Updates) again
Right now there is little to tell you except that I can barely think of a media agency in the world that has not recieved an email about khalid, or a phone call. The petition has almost reached 1000 in under a week, and congressmen, UN representatives and many many many officials in the UK, Iraq, Iran, USA, Australia, Ireland, Japan, India and other countries arround the world have also been contacted.

I just want to say to everyone involved thanks, and keep the ball rolling. Ill-trained Iraqi Secret Police have detained an innocent man, a GOOD man that is our friend and a blogger. WE MUST HELP HIM, and we MUST warn those in the US army and US gov't that it WILL NOT LOOK GOOD when the media RIP THEM APART about ill-trained iraqi' security forces making rash decisions and jailing important members of the iraqi blogging community.

Khalid is against the Occupation, but he is also against violence and extremism. He is a funny, intelligent and peaceful man. Let him go with no harm, and do it now. Family, Friends, Bloggers and our Media Associates will NEVER surrender on Khalid's Fight.

Don't forget to continue your e-mails, phonecalls and prayers for Khalid.


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