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Friday, August 26, 2005
Hey everyone!
Check it out!

Me & Mike Allen, who helped me campaigning for Khalid have created a blog designated to reviewing other peoples blogs!!! Now I know, we are not the first to do this, and I don't wish to take credit away from people like IraqBlogCount, who have done more than their fair share for the blog community, but I think it will become a major 'hub' for people looking for a particular view on the Iraq situation.

There will also be other blogs we read and enjoy reviewed, and we hope it will become a center for us to use in our own research, as a remote 'bookmarks page', and as a place to direct people when they ask about our favourite blogs, and where to find reliable sources.

It is essentially a "Bloggers Blog of Blogs" as we aptly named it :)

Mike is only new to the blogsphere, and writing his own blog, so he doesn't post quite as much, YET. It will also be a place where we can post a list of "exciting recent posts" from our favourite bloggers, without distorting the messages on our own blogs!

If you have a blog to suggest for review, click the e-mail links or post a comment!

here is the link to the Bloggers Blog of Blogs - http://bloggerslinks.blogspot.com/
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