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Tuesday, August 09, 2005
Iraqi-American Big Brother
Was strolling my way through the Iraqi Blogsphere, an amazing and incredibly fascinating world from which one may not emerge for hours unless there is something like this to blog:

This i found off Iraq The Model probably a blog I haven't read enough of, nor given enough credit to on this blog so far. This will be a blog I shall read from beginning to end.

But anyway, for the purpose of increasing good relations and public awareness about the intelligence common amongst most born in the Iraqi community- go vote to have this Iraqi man re-instated in the Big Brother house in the USA.

post from Iraq The Model is below! Get behind this good Propaganda cause!


Would you like an Iraqi-American to be your big brother?
Away from today's clashes and Tuesday's planned protest, I found this cool bit of news through NZ Bear:

Did you know that there's a national, network television show with an Iraqi-American central character?

It's true: the CBS reality show Big Brother, a guilty pleasure of mine, has as a contestant Kaysar, an Iraqi-American graphics designer from Irvine, CA. He's proven to be a formidable competitor in the game during the first few weeks, and seems like a genuinely intelligent and decent fellow.

There's only one problem: he lost last week and was "evicted" from the house.
So why should you care? Because CBS is holding a public poll to determine whether Kaysar or one of two other evicted players will be allowed back in the house. And you can vote, for free, right here.

I, for one, want him back. And so I figure I'll spread the word, and ask my fellow citizens of the blogosphere: click that link, give Kaysar a vote, and keep a positive example of an Iraqi-turned-American in front of the television viewing public.

It's a little thing, but sometimes those actually do count...

I second what NZ said, little things do count.
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