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Friday, August 19, 2005
Hey everyone,
just received an email from US congressman and fellow blogger John Conyers.
I am not supporting this man in his politics nor am I against his politics, but I definately support his moves with the 'Downing Street Minutes' and on Cindy Sheehan's case. He is aiming to protect the rights of people to know the truth, and deserves credibility for that.

Everyone please jump on the Sheehan band-wagon and start them emails again. The media is never going to escape our email campaigns for as long as the internet exists. If they will not report accurately on our behalf, we will beseige them until they do.

Cindy Sheehan, for those who do not know, is camping in a 24hour peace-vigil outside George W Bush's Ranch in Texas while he is 'holidaying' as US troops, such as Cindy's dead son, are being battled in the streets of Iraq daily, and taking severe and increasing casualties.

Cindy wants answers to the reasons for invasion, and if she was decieved while believing the invasion was for the security of America, the safety of the world from WMD etc. Cindy believed many lies, and now has come to realise the truth after her sons' horrible death.

George Bush should atleast greet her and give her false answers rather than completely ignore the family of his very own troops !

SUPPORT CINDY SHEEHAN, E-MAIL YOUR SENATORS AND MEDIA REPS. This is a good campaign in favour of ending the devistation in Iraq.

A program has been put on congressman Conyers website which allows you to email all your local media groups with one click.

John Conyer's email prog

here' is John Conyers original e-mail

Support Cindy
Help Write 1000 Letters to our local Newspapers

Cindy Sheehan’s vigil outside in Crawford, Texas has clearly struck a nerve in this country, and her willingness to speak truth to power resonates as a model of courage and dedication to us all.

I am proposing that we take three steps to support Cindy in the face of a ferocious assault by the right wing.

First, I am organizing an effort to write our local papers to support Cindy and her efforts to meet with the president. I have set up a form on my web site as part of a Crawford Action Center (which includes news reports, pictures, video, audio, and talking points) to allow you to submit a letter in your own words simultaneously to all papers in your region. I will be able to keep track of the number of letters submitted, and have set an initial goal of generating at least 1,000 letters to support Cindy. This is a follow-up to the letter that I, along with 40 Members of Congress, sent to the president urging him to meet with Cindy.


Second, I have made a $500 donation to the Gold Star Families for Peace. If you are able to, you can go to the following site to make a donation to the Gold Star Families or the Crawford Peace Center to support Cindy’s efforts.


Third, arm yourselves with the facts about Cindy so that you are prepared to respond to the smear attacks coordinated by the right wing. Correct these misconceptions in your communications with the media, on the internet, and in your day-to-day conversations. I have added a talking points section to my website that provide simple, direct refutations to the lies that are being spread besmirching Cindy's character. Grassroots word-of-mouth is the first line of defense in responding to these attacks.


Let’s help Cindy in her pursuit for truth and justice in the face of a right wing smear campaign.


John Conyers, Jr.
Blogger CMAR II said...
Thanks Olivebranch! I'm doing my part:
Stop Muzzeling Cindy!

Who Was SPC Casey Sheehan"

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