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Sunday, September 11, 2005
My hope for the Iraqi Constitution
I have a sneaking suscpicion that the Iraqi Constitution is not going to be accepted, and I think this would be the ultimate solution to the problems currently facing the Iraqi Government and Iraq as a whole.

If the new Iraqi Constitution is not accepted, then the government must be disbanded.

It is my belief, that this is in the best interests of both the Iraqi people and the American Government.

I mean, if the current direction is where Iraq is headed, America is in for a lot of shame. The last elections were a test, a way of making Iraqi's realise what elections are worth.

I am sure, that if new elections were held, they would amount to so much more than the last ones did.

Iraqi's should stand up and volunteer to protect their community voting centers on Election day, the elections should be HELD BY THE UNITED NATIONS, with NO CONTRIBUTION by the CURRENT IRAQI GOVERNMENT, OR THE "COALITION".

Iraqi's should WANT to vote in new, FREE(as possible) ELECTIONS.

Iraqi's should be voting for people that they HAVE NOMINATED, and whose policies are clearly defined, their names released, their parties detailed and political stance know publicly months in advance of the elections.

Only this way can Iraqi's feel safe to choose a real representative, and only this way will secular iraqi's, kurds, sadr'ists and sunni's be represented properly.

anyway, this was just an opinion peice after reading something from a month or so ago.

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