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Monday, September 05, 2005
Back to blogging
Ahh yes, back to blogging.

I should be doing my reading for tommorows university lecture on ahh, let me just grab the book and look...... *pause*

"The Internet for Reporting"

wahoo! I am kind-of studying that right now aren't I? Or, atleast practicing it? I wonder if this article even mentions the term 'blog' or 'weblog' in it. Well, it's written in 1999, so I will excuse it for not doing so, but surely we should be using more recent material than 1999. ITS 2000 and F*CKING 5!!!!!!!!

The internet was merely an infant in 1999, blogs were barely a fetus. Their features had yet to develop and their effect was many years from being felt.

But now and in the future, the 'blogsphere' as I like to call it, will change reporting and journalism indefinately. For those wishing to be employed as a journalist, it may not be such a wise choice.

For those wishing to become a journalist to help people, blog away. But you will struggle to make a wage as a journalist in the technology world, you'd be better of writing on the side, with another job as your occupation.

The information released into main-stream press has already been effected severely, even the Washington Times has told a story that only came to be due to weblogs, Blogger and Congressman John Conyers and his quest regarding the "Downing Street Minutes" was frontpage of the Washington Times on several occasions.

Were it not for the persistance of bloggers across the globe to report every fibre of truth about the Iraq War and the reasons behind it, such a topic would never have come to the public-eye. Congressman Conyers draws his support base from bloggers now, and knows he can trust in us to find the truth about anything that may happen to him as a result of his persistance.

The Wash. Post claim that the memo was "leaked recently" to the press. In actual fact, details of the memo had been floating around the blogosphere for many months at that stage...

Iraqi blogger Salam Pax has a whole write up about him and a fortnightly column in The Guardian

Click on the link to see his 'section' or some of it.

and thats only a start.

Margo Kingston while she was still with webdiary.smh.com.au held a great deal of sway in regards to the main-stream media.

So as you see, for me, blogging is my way into the mainstream. It is how I am going to become known, and my readers will be people who have come to know me, from years of reading the things I write.

It's a long process, but most writers usually don't become credible or widely-read until they are well, sadly, 'dead'.

So hopefully, with the internet as a tool, I will get my notice sooner, and make a difference in many ways. I hope to show others how to do this, but I must find a way myself first, to prove that it works!

anyway, I have to go do some work

Pce + Harmony to you all!


[olivebranch out]
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