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Friday, September 02, 2005
Najaf? Al Sadr? The Future?
Well. I have come to a point that I wish to discuss with myself, and share with you.

So I am going to write a random post about "whatever the hell is going on in Najaf".

The West Australian newspaper quotes that Muktadar Al-Sadr's Mahdi Army "clashed with members of Iranian-linked Badr Brigade."

They claim this is due to fear on Sadr's behalf that "federalism" will play into the hands of Iran.

I believe that Sadr has just started fighting ONE of the fights that I am fighting.

I don't want Iran to sway its influence over Iraq. I don't trust the leaders of SCIRI, the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq. I do not trust the Da'awa Party or Badr's Brigade, I believe they are hardliners.

I don't support Muktada Al-Sadr, however I do support the idea of 'self-determination', and I believe Sadr would support this also.(Based on what? well, nothing really. Just the reading I have done and his pattern of actions)

I hope this fight continues, between the two militia's directly- not in the streets with suicide bombs. If Sadr's forces can limit the influence of Da'awa and SCIRI, then so be it.

Sadr' would not have things the same way as SCIRI and Da'awa support(the present method), rather he would prefer self-determination before the building of a constitution, the removal of forces and Iraq built by IRAQIS.

This would work to his advantage in his areas of support, but given the chance to support someone less radical and equally as Iraqi, even many of his own supporters would not choose him to lead them.

Sadr' is not the man to lead Iraqi's to a bright future, but it looks like he is "the main influence" willing AND ABLE to stand in the way of the dark future already beginning to impose itself upon Iraq.

Don't discredit Sadr's chances at becoming an Iraqi icon, he is intelligent, reverred, resoureful and determined. Just Like almost every iraqi blogger I know.

He is violent, and his troops have been involved in atrocities which will never escape his image.

His troops DO provide many of the essential services in the slum area of Sadr-City and in many other places they have influenced security and even to an extent allow easier lives for hundreds of thousands of iraqis.

He has history, he has popularity, he has guns and numbers. He has a name around the globe, and is fighting against the most unpopular people in Iraq.

This is a smart man who is trying to win over a people who tend to distrust him, don't be fooled into supporting him. But I think you should fool him into thinking he has the support, until Da'awa and SCIRI and Badr's Brigade all dissapear. Then turn him belly up and commit him for the war crimes he has inspired.

enough of my rant now!
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