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Monday, September 12, 2005
It's Time To Write for Mama
A post written for Iraqi Blogger Mama

-)It's Time To Write For Mama (-

It's time to write a poem,
for the sake of some dear.
I hope you like this poem,
and hapiness replaces fear.

Remember the times before,
when you were sure your life must end.
Remember how every time,
you somehow made it round that bend.

I know that nothing I can send,
can encourage your wounds to mend.
Nothing I say could change the fear,
or whipe away the pain my dear,
but if you only know I shed a tear.

Maybe things could be better.

Trust in me and in the will of us. Trust in bloggers in our love and such. Trust in what we have to say, and someday your pains will go away.

Pray for your patience, and pray for your child. Write to us about your fears, don't let your brain go wild.

Let it go and to you I'll show, the future really is bright you know.

Written for Mama by [olivebranch] 12/09/05
Blogger Jack Bennett said...
Mama is a true hero to me. Her daughter Sunshine too. They are part of the reason I have hope for the future of Iraq.

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