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Thursday, September 15, 2005
(Survival; not perfection)
(Survival; not perfection)

You know what? Sometimes I just need to write
and I think tonight, is one of those nights.

The statements of fear
the thoughts and pains.
The tears they are crying
their fists in the rain.
The water above houses
the tides of change.
The smell of rotten bodies
their fall, their reign.

People are fighting
but not dealing pain.
Inspiring and climbing
towards peace and gain.
Donations and volunteers
all kinds of the same.

Reporters are reporting
people are moving.
Revolutions beginning
with food and a drain.
Clothing and shelter
candles and protection.

Love and affection,
it's survival; not perfection.

Dedicated to the victims of cyclone Katrina.

by [olivebranch] 15/9/05
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