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Friday, September 23, 2005
Inflamatory Comments and Reply to the Reader!
To say that I am against the Iraq war, does not mean I am against (r)evolution.

To call for the step down or overthrow of the united states gov't, is not promoting violence.

now I admit, the words "invade WASHINGTON!" are a little extreme, and I don't really mean them. Any person with half a brain can see that it is never going to happen- have you never said "I'll fuck*ng kill you!" to a friend??

Does that mean you would really support someone killing them?

Just because I want an end to the current government of the USA, doesn't mean I am at conflict with my own morals, and never was I preaching hate.

Another thing, did I ever write that my opinions are the opinions of Youth & Students Against War on this blog? NO.

so don't make it out as if I am 100% representative of YSAW on this blog. I write what I want to write in my emotional moments, so other people can relate with their own emotions also. This means that I am not writing logical arguments and plans for the future. This means, when seeing that thousands of fellow human beings are suffering at the hands of a few people, I WILL CALL FOR THEIR HEADS.

I am still optimistic about the future of Iraq, and still optimistic that G.W.Bush will be thrown out of his seat in power, lawfully or otherwise.

I also would've supported the execution of Saddam Hussein to prevent the invasion of Iraq. I am not against all forms of violence ever, I did not state this anywhere. My age 18 means nothing. It is better I let my thoughts out honestly, so my readers get to know my personality and my plans, etc - than bottle them up and oneday turn violent myself?

I do walk what I talk. I do promote peace and stand against violence in all of my actions.

I may write inflamatory comments and call for the overthrow of the US president, but only in the hope of preventing the last ditch effort of US leaders to hold onto their position of supreme power turning into WWIII.
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