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Thursday, September 29, 2005
Ahh the sadness :(
Dear Mama, do not feel so bad....
Those dreams that you had I still dream. Sunshine still dares to dream, do not despair!
For as long as I live I promise that one day, if I have anything to do with it, you will be there. One day I shall meet you on the otherside, where the rainbow is in the sky and only raindrops fall from it.

But in that same place, there will always be reasons to be sad. There will always be bad fortune and always be oppression and suppression. You must not fall victim to it, you are an optimist. You wouldn't have started blogging or indeed continued if you truely felt you could make no difference.

I am right now writing an article for my Uni newspaper about the development of Iraqi blogs, and how the discussions and attention generated by them could potentially come up with enough intelligent ideas and measures to bring Iraq back to stability.

Many great things have already been achieved, and if nothing else a whole bunch of intelligent, influential people have been banded together with one hope in common- securing an Iraq in which they would be proud to live.

And outside of that group is a larger group, the one to which I belong- who is equally dedicated to these bloggers and their ambitions. There are thousands of us, and there a thousands of intelligent ideas and discussions.

There are solutions amongst these discussions, and each solution is a step towards something better. Whether it be a solution to the problem of pollution, a solution to the poor representation of Iraq in the media, a remedy for the complacency of most people or just a way of making people feel more positive- each is a major step towards the future.

It is like sand on a fire. Small amounts barely have an effect, but enough will put it out.

Iraqi's are determined to avoid civil war at all costs, and the intellectuals who call for calm & peace & offer to monitor elections are respected, even amongst many Islamists.

The future is brighter than it must seem to someone on the ground, but this is due
to the character and persistance of those particular people. If you give up now and there is no hope.

Written in response to a desperate post by Mama on her blog Emotions.

-here is the post- [olivebranch out]

Tuesday, September 27, 2005
The truth....

Dear friends
When America decided to liberate Iraq from the x- regime , I believed that a life full of pleasure is coming. I thought every one will have a job , we will have rights & respect in our country , we will be able to live free & to put forward a normal , happy life, with good future to our children, with no fear &no pain .I thought the Iraqis will promptly start rebuilding their country & will try so hard to contest to convoy the world development .I thought we will built beautiful country , & could be a model for the others ( like the Japanese when they stood up again after the war ).I thought we will live in a rich , well developed country .I thought we will develop the health& education institutions .I thought we will live in good environment free of pollution .I dreamed we can travel & see the world which we are part of it , I thought we will list fun among our priorities. I thought no more tension & no more tears will roll down my eyes , unless tears of happiness. I believed I will be optimism & cheerful again as I used to be …….
I was either tricked ,or may be I was dreaming ………
Then I woke up to see a life full of tears, pain ,fear ,tension ,more pollution ,more backwardness, bad expectations with no hope………
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