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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
The Prayer Filled Package - In Baghdad - and now we play the waiting game
Guess what everyone!

I heard great news from Sunshine that the inhalers made it to her grandparents in Baghdad!

Now that means they are just a few hours drive away, rather then thousands of kilometres. Thank you all for saying prayers, thank you all for making them come true- and thank god/allah/whoever too :)

and a big thanks to my darling girlfriend Gee-oh for encouraging and supporting me as I went through the struggles of talking to "centrelink" - to organise a "public health care card" - which allows students like me to go to the doctors for repeat-illness cases (ie asthma) at no cost, and buy perscription medications at a small percentage of the cost.

I am NOT clearly outlining a series of immoral and illegal acts, even though I am not sure what I did is quite legal.

I then organised a doctors appointment and found I needed many excuse for why I didn't want any drug other than Terbutaline and Pulmicort inhalers- since they are an old form of therapy and mostly only used for children.

Since Sunshine is allergic to the others, I thought I better make sure I get the right ones.

So I convinced the doctor I needed those inhalers because I find that the other kinds irritate my throat- a partial truth.

I didn't need the inhalers, but the others did irritate my throat.

anyway, I left the doctors surgery with my perscription, went to the chemist and noticed he had not filled out the Pulmicort perscription properly.

So I waited the weekend with only one of two inhalers, until the monday. I went to see the doctor again monday and picked up the other perscription, then to the dentist and off to the post office :)

the inhalers cost me a total of AU$15 to send, + $9 for the inhalers themselves.

a little bit of dedication, a little bit of work and a little bit of inspiration goes a long way.

thanks Sunshine, you were my inspiration.

Now I have made a difference, and hopefully I can bring you inspiration.
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