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Friday, September 30, 2005
Its time to kick up a stink, WHERE THE F**K ARE THE MEDIA?

No media in Australia seems to have covered this at all, now I thought 200,000 US citizens marching on Washington against the Iraq war amidst all the political strife in the USA right now would be of front-page significance?

Firstly- it shows the world how unstable the so called "superpower" of the world is. Secondly, with Tom DeLay and strife within the republican party, a strong anti-war movement including veterans and soldiers families could easily rally support for the democrats, if only they weren't so Republican.

Anyone who reads this blog regularly would have seen previous posts about the LONG-PLANNED (april-ish this year) weekend of action. I was happy as larry to read the words "more than 150,000 protestors march on washington DC".

Even the leftist national radio station Triple J have had not a lot to say about it. How is the media machine so good at blacking out information. It's time to fill the gaps- time to start an e-mail campaign against media discrimination!!!!


don't believe me? check out this excellent article



just go to google and go to blogsearch and type in "September 24" + "washington"

all you need to know will be there, but if you go to google news search, you won't find half of the truth or half of the stories.

More about this subject tommorow - its after midnight now!

Come back for more links and links 2 photo's (having photo's on the blog will slow it down)

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Blogger programmer craig said...
Heh... it was 200,000 now? The claim was 100,000 the day of the peace march! Claims by innocent bystanders put the number at several hundred, and displayed photos showing the sparcity of the crowd.

Maybe that's why the mdeia hasn't covered it? Too much blatant dishonesty on the part of the organizers?

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