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Thursday, October 13, 2005
Just a quick note!
Sorry to confuse anyone, Khalid has not been detained again-

the story posted yetsterday was just a new edition of the story I wrote for a university assignment about what happened to Khalid.

My granddad's health is much better than before, though he keeps having to struggle through new difficulties- he had his lung collapse on him last week.

thank you for your prayers Janine- and I am very glad that you care.
It means so much to have friends I don't even know- who care enough about other humans to feel real compassion and want to help.

Compassion is too few and too far between in this world, and it is our job as writers to bring it back. It is our jobs as compassionate human beings who care enough to read the stories of Iraqi's as they evolve.

It is our job to wake up the complacents, who don't really care because it didn't hurt them, and remind them that one day they may need help. How would they feel if in their times of need all they could find were answers of "Well just give up then"
or "there is nothing we can do" or "it's your fault anyway" so on and so forth like some people write on Iraqi blogs and this one at times.

No we need to keep our compassion as a weapon and our anger as a fuel.

Respect each other, pray(to whomever you wish), care and never ever give up..
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