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Sunday, October 16, 2005
Iraqi's vote proudly.
There is too much to say on this, so expect a long and possibly repetitive post,

but I am sure you will enjoy it.

Firstly- enjoy this.

Iraq's Decision

A fire burns in my belly,
with a whole lot of tales to tell.

This was a day to remember,
too never forget.

This was a turning point,
that we wont regret.

By [olivebranch] 16/10/05 in hope for Iraqi's after their referendum.
- what ever the turn out, the inspirational affect of voting and coming together shown today, will change Iraq in a permanent way. After millions come out today, do you think the terrorists could not be scared tommorow?

I tell you right now, they will be.

I am.

Iraqi's have decided their fate is in their hands, one way or another.
A yes vote is the same as a no vote in one way----

It is still a vote.

And any vote placed, is a vote that says I WILL BE HEARD.

though some may not vote for the same reason, everyone who votes has decided that Iraq must be for Iraqi's.

Iraq's future must be decided by those Iraqi's who wish to make a difference.

This means that people like Sunshine(who voted in spirit), Najma(who voted in spirit), HNK(who voted in spirit), Mama(who voted), Riverbend (who probably voted), Faiza (who voted in spirit), Khalid (who voted in spirit), Raed (who voted in spirit), Hassan (who voted), Omar (who voted), aNaRki13 (who voted in spirit), Truth Teller (who voted), Free Writer(who probably voted), Salam Pax (who may not have voted?), and - EVERY OTHER IRAQI BLOGGER

will be heard in Iraqs' future.

Today they have come out to say that, to let the world know that it is not just me and those like me who will fight for Iraq's future no-matter-what they too are in this struggle. They have had enough oppression, they have enough intelligence, enough resources and strength. They have enough experience to win a war of self-defence, they have enough strength to rebuild their own country. They have their own opinions, their own beliefs and their own way of doing things.

Iraqi's today turned out in HUGE amounts to vote. - Omar posts on his blog this for a general idea.

High= more than 66%
Moderate= 33% - 66%
Low= less than 33%

Duhok: moderate.
Erbil: moderate.
Sulaymania: high.
Mosul: high.
Kirkuk: high.
Diyala: high.
Anbar: unknown.
Baghdad: high.
Babil: high.
Kerbala: high.
Wasit: moderate.
Salahiddin: high.
Al-Muthana: moderate.
Al-Qadisiya: low.
Najaf: high.
Thi Qar: moderate.
Maysan: moderate.
Basra: moderate.

- In short,

Voting turn out in Iraq, is much higher than in the USA.
Iraqi's care more about making their own future than American's or Australians do.

Indeed, many people I know for no-reason at all did not vote in the last election.

why? not because they had a political stance against voting, or any other reason other than too them, it makes no difference, they do not care as long as they can continue to 'cruise along'.

Well Iraqi's have said today,

to the terrorists, to the USA, to me & you and to each other


- go read the stories of each blogger I mentioned above. If they have not yet posted about the election, they probably haven't had enough electricity and you should return once a day until they have.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Never forget to how Australia got to where its at, because of our Anzacs we have the great freedom that many enjoy without thought, now it is Iraq's turn to show the world it can overcome evil and stand on its own two feet.

Lifes will be lost and familys will be destroyed but for what reason? Can anyone put a price on life? Stand up for yourselfs, dont vote with paper, vote with your voices, people unite take control and be rid of this hostile instability, Take arms and fight for your freedom just as many countrys have had to do for many hundreds of years.

As much as i hate this statement sometimes PEACE can only be achieved by war, To any iraqi who reads this post, if you want our invading forces withdrawn take responsability for your own people and be rid of the evil infidels in your own country, dont blame our ways of life, we have it all now do the same for yourselfs and help each other..

respect from down under


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